Nelson Quan

Director | cinamatographer | editor

is a Chinese-American film director, editor, & cinematographer. He got his start working on as Superman Returns (2006) under the mentorship of director Bryan Singer (Bohemian Rhapsody) and producer Chris Lee (Former President of Production, Tri-star). Most notable works include the editor of “Wish You Were Here” starring Faye Yu and editor of “What Women Want” starring Andy Lau and Gong Li.

Nelson worked at VFX company, Pixomondo for several years as the head of the editorial department. During his time there, he was responsible for editing projects such as The Volkswagen People’s Car Project which won the Golden Lion Award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival for Branded Entertainment.

In 2015, he produced and directed, Chasing Shadows, a feature documentary about total solar eclipse chasing in the Arctic and Ethiopia. This documentary won several awards at various film festivals, including best documentary director at the 2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.



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