Jello has a Meisner-based acting studio that started in a living room in Beijing with a group of film makers and actors. It’s been running for many years mostly for film actors, directors, writers etc. Since 2019 she started opening to people who want to get into acting in an organic, deep and authentic way to explore on this journey. She would bring special guests once in a while infusing different topics and techniques. Welcomig everyone to join her Acting Studio : “The Place Studio” to embark on an authentic self discovery journey.

No matter what your goal is from the acting classes. It’s so much fun to have various exercises and work to get you on the right path. She will guide you through and we will tap into this unknown world where the magic begins. The only way out is through, thoroughly, you will find the light from the other side of the tunnel rewarding which enhances your perspectives about yourself, the others, and the universe.

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